Preventive Maintenance Solutions


We are an ambitious team, introducing a new concept of preventive maintenance solution for the electronic equipment everywhere.
We are here to help you protect your investment in your most valuable asset in your company, it’s where you keep and manage your data.
We brought you the most advanced product in the world with the best tools and a well trained team to keep your valuable electronic equipment running all the time with a shinning face.
You can benefit by keeping your machines running in its best shape, add the new look to it and your employee will love to work with a clean “as new” machines.



Computer Care Center (part of CONCEPTS LLC) is pleased to introduce to you the most advanced preventive maintenance solutions for the electronic and office equipment available in the market today.
We are providing a new concept for the clean equipment, it’s the comprehensive maintenance, as we clean the inside and outside of the equipment while delivering a consultation service on how to keep your equipment in its best shape.
Our materials and equipment that we use come from the military equipment maintenance background; it’s used by the most advanced armies in the world to take care of the most sensitive equipment.
We are the only specialized company in the region to deliver such a service and materials, and we brought this service to your hand.


-      Because we are the only professional team to deliver such a service in the region.

-      We have the best products in the world, and we are its exclusive agents in the Middle East & Africa.

-      We have the experience, we are in the Jordanian market for the last NINE years, during which we served 

        the largest companies and banks in Jordan.