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Providing many success stories with our business partners whom we are proud to serve and to stand with during the never ending road of achievements.

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With more than 70 years cumulative experience in local, regional and international markets you can be assured you are getting the most efficient information for the best results expected.

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A unique specialized cleaning service for the Data Centers and ATM machines. CCC provide the best ever service to help you maintain your IT equipment to keep performance at peak levels all the time.


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MRP system was build to satisfy all non-Industrial oriented companies needs. The system delivers features that include multi companies, multi fiscal years and multi project capabilities.

It’s designed to put the management in the control seat, where they can monitor all companies / projects with one tool.

The system’s user management gives the ability to control the user access to the system down to the field level.

Reports cover all needs for the user and the management, any extra needed report will be defined easily according to the user’s requirements.

MRP is a multi language system divided into the following modules:

  • Management Dashboard

  • Chart of accounts

  • Payroll module

  • Sales module

  • Purchasing module

  • Stock management module

  • Fixed assets module 

  • Transactions entry

  • Cheuqes issuing

  • Document Archiving 

  • reporting

  • End of year process

  • System management


A complete multi company management system for shareholders information and transactions. Operations include managing information for companies, shareholders, daily transactions, capital transactions, certificates, market gateways, AGM and management information. The SHMS Application is a comprehensive solution that has been developed to support:

  • Central Depository Center

  • Shareholding Companies

  • Investors


A multilingual system divided into the following 15 modules:

  • Companies Module

  • Brokers Module

  • Shareholders Module

  • Transactions Module

  • Capital Module

  • Dividends Module

  • Certificate Module

  • Right Issue Management Module

  • Block/Mortgage Module

  • AGM module

  • SDC interface Module

  • Information Management Module

  • Web Interface Module

  • Notification Module

  • Solution Administration


ConceptsBS” back-office management system, a flexible system that can be implemented in any stock market.

As a multi market, multi portfolio, multi currency support, “ConceptsBS”  system consists of many modules that come as standard in the features such modules like:

  • full accounting module,

  • Client management module,

  • settlement module,

  • portfolio management module, 

  • Online Trading module

  • margin trading module,

  • report generator module,

  • web Client Interface module.


OTS is an advanced system that can be used as a standalone to enter Buy/Sell orders into the stock market or in its standard functionality as an integrated module with the ConceptsBS brokerage back-office management system.

The OTS module is designed specifically to enable all users to easily and securely enter orders directly into the stock market while forcing RISK management to stop all orders not fulfilling the specified parameters.

OTS provides two types of order entry screens, one for the brokerage firm traders and the other for the brokerage firm clients.

Integration with ConceptsBS is essential to enable all functionalities of the OTS, these functionalities are essential to provide a verified and RISK free order.


The continuous development of the alarm and security systems required a more advanced owner / Client who is capable of benefiting from these advanced features and services.

This created the need for Central Alarm Station that can handle these features then to provide these services to the customers, as CAS will be ready to receive and deal with all kinds of alerts and triggers.

CAS is a must to have alongside with the advanced alarm systems already available in the market, as CAS will complement the necessity of having these systems.


Finance Trade Solution is a full featured system that will help the banks to monitor and control all transactions related to the following business lines:

  • Export LCs

  • Import LCs

  • Incoming Collection 

  • Outgoing Collection

  • Inward LG

  • Outward LG

  • Local LG


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BALSAM, a complete solution to manage your hospital or medical center. using the latest technologies BALSAM will fulfill all your business and service needs. 

A complete HIS that provide the following main modules:

- Management Dashboard

- Patients Record

- Out Patient Clinics management and accounting

- In Patient full records with automated medicine doses alerts and full graph data analysis

- X-Ray module with X-Ray picture uploading 

- Lab module

- Operations module

- Dialysis module 

- Pharmacy module

- HR module

- Full Accounting and payroll module

- Purchasing module with PO approval

- Inventory module

- Fixed Assets module

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